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il passaggio spaziale, for piano and computer music (0'55")

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Abe and Andy Along the Potomac, computer music for 8-channel sound diffusion system (1'30") 


Dulcimer Dream for Amplified Piano (1'30")


Mandarin Cycles for chamber ensemble, symphonic wind ensemble, or orchestra (1'30")


Anamorphoses for trumpet ensemble

           1. Changing Rings (0'48")

           2. Stinger  (0'37")

           3. Melismata (1'13")

           4. Tukatudaka (1'02")

Piano Etudes

           I.  II.  III.  IV.  V.  VI.  VII.  VIII.  IX.  X.  XI


Formosan Mosaics, for Ku-Ch'in/Er-Hu Soloist, Chamber Ensemble, and   Computer

            I. Ting-How Market

            II. Jade Mountain

            III. Ghost Month

            IV. Tomb Sweeping Day

            V. Night Crawling: Wan-Hua District and Snake Alley

Commissioned by the Music Between Cultures Program, Arizona State University Institute for Studies in the Arts,  Richard Loveless, Director

Global premiere:  April 25, 1999.  Phoenix, Arizona.  

Dr. Ming-Yueh Liang, Ku-Ch'in and Er-Hu Soloist

Dr. J.B. Smith, Ensemble Conductor

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